Welcome to www.InTheDoghouseRacing.com.

Dog House Racing is from the Cincinnati, Ohio area . The team of Rocky Mason and John Gavey have always been involved with some sort of motorsports, from dirt bikes and quads to dune buggies to drag racing, etc. We both grew up with Dads that built street rods also. I guess it has always just been in our blood. 

We have been running in the NMRA's Pure Street class since 2004. The decision to run Pure Street was an easy one for us to make because it was a naturally aspirated class that required us to run parts similar to my street car. 

We have been doing lots of testing on the dyno and at the track and our goal is to continually improve our program. We strive to keep going faster and to do our best to promote our sponsors in a profesional manner.

We have recently purchased another car that we will be building to race in the future.

While we want to present our racing program on our new website, we also wish to use it as an avenue to thank all of our sponsors and those people who have helped out in any way over the years .

You can find information on how you and your company can sponsor our racing program throughout our site.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.

NMRA Pure Street Racer Rocky Mason
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