Doghouse Racing Sponsors
We would like to thank each of our sponsors for their contributions to our racing program.  For more information on how you can help us with your sponsorship, please contact us.


Centerforce® is proud to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of performance clutch systems in the United States. The Centerforce era started in the early 1980’s when Bill Hays, founder of Hays Clutches in the 1950’s, created the technologies behind Centerforce. Clutches bearing his name are found on thousands of high performance vehicles around the world.
Dayton Performance We stock hundreds of parts for late model 4.6 and 5.0 mustangs, which includes parts for suspension and handling, engine performance, transmissions, rear axles, interior, and even body parts. We offer custom and crate engines for all of your racing and performance needs.
Six4designs six4designs is a provider of custom websites, graphics, and logos for the high performance / motorsports industry. Specializing in drag racing-themed designs, six4 can help bring your racing program or high performance shop to the web, attracting more fans and more sponsors.  You are involved in each step of the design process, ensuring 100% satisfaction.
Special Thanks
We would also like to take the opportunity this page presents to thank those of you who have contributed to our racing program over the years.   Your contributions are greatly appreciated and have helped make our program a success. In no particular order, very special thanks to:
  • Darryl of Bassani Exhaust
  • Tony of B.E.S. Racing Engines
  • Eric of Swarr Automotive
  • Mike of MCRP
  • Jason of PA Racing
  • Rob of Rigid Race Cars
  • Craig of Cincy Speed
  • Walt of Pro-Motion
  • Aaron & Ben of Mickey Thompson
  • Rich of Bogart Racing Wheels
  • Dave of Team Z Motorsports
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